Embers - A smoke & fire scent - Vintage 2019
Embers - A smoke & fire scent - Vintage 2019
Embers - A smoke & fire scent - Vintage 2019
Embers - A smoke & fire scent - Vintage 2019

Embers - A smoke & fire scent - Vintage 2019

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This botanical fragrance is a smokey campfire, amber, tobacco, scent. It is long-lasting and complex. Available in an 8ml and 15ml vial with cork stopper. This bottle is shipped in a small pouch making it a perfect gift. 

*Dark Amber

Scent descriptions from customers:

“It reminds me so strongly of something I can't place”
“I really have trouble describing it”
“It's like gingerbread being eaten while smoking a clove cigarette
“It's earthy and then smokey and somehow also wet”


In my teenage years, my parents would send me to upstate NY to spend my summers. They and a few other families would hire a nanny to babysit us in a rented cabin home. It was at the top of a wooded hill on a lake surrounded by forest. Every year I would see the same friends and how we grew up over that year since seeing each other last. We would have regular campfires by the water as we walked along the woods and the rocks. It was wild, magical, limitless - children free from their parents - the feeling of being able to act as one wishes in this remote place.

This scent is based on the spirit of that childhood. The complete darkness that can only exist in a forest away from civilization, and the contrast of the fire with teenagers dancing around it.

The fragrance starts rough and green and fades into an ethereal fire. The true fragrance develops 15 minutes in, revealing its dark smoke. This fragrance lasts several hours and stays rather consistent for much of the time. This blend has a different scent in the bottle, on paper, and on your skin - to truly understand it's nature, scent it on your wrist after letting it breathe for a few minutes.

Full fragrance description here: broomeandkenmare.com/embers-smokey-leather-campfire